Anchovi Oil Serdine~Black Pepper Basil flavor

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Anchovi Oil Serdine~Black Pepper Basil flavor

Mizunaga Fishery Co.,Ltd.
●Fresh shirasu (baby sardines) from Japan are mixed with “Black pepper basil” and coated with delicious cottonseed oil and canned.
●High-grade cotton oil from Okamura Oil Corporation, which has the largest market share in Japan, brings out the luxurious flavor and mild umami taste.
●From the time the raw materials arrive, every step of the process is thoroughly checked for hygiene.
●We do not rely solely on machines, but also place a lot of emphasis on human senses for thorough management of appearance and smell, even if it takes a lot of time and effort.
●It can be served in a variety of ways, including as a sauce or dressing for pasta, or on top of chilled tofu, rice, or baguette.

Cottonseed oil, sardine fry (Miyazaki Prefecture), basil paste (including milk ingredients), salt, spices, yeast extract
<Inner Capacity>
<Gross Product Weight>
●The sardine fry used in this product are collected by a fishing method that mixes shrimp and crabs.
●Allergy Labeling Crab, shrimp, milk
<Shelf Life>
3 years

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