We established our company on May 1, 2018 with a desire to disseminate from Miyazaki (M), Kyushu (K) and Japan (J)
to the world and create various trades globally. We would like to support our clients' overseas business in one stop, and want to grow together with our clients and our community.

Yasuhiro Ueda, President and Chief Executive Officer


Graduated Hyuga Gakuin High School (Miyazaki City)
Graduated Nanzan University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law (Nagoya City)
Joined The Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.
Inaugurated General Manager of International Division
Resigned The Miyazaki Bank, Ltd.
Established MKJ Global Works, Ltd., inaugurated President and Chief Executive Officer


To Connect Connecting clients and outside the region and overseas

At first, it is a small dot and a small dot connection, we will work together with our clients to make that small dot to a thick line then to a pillar in the future.

To Contribute Contributing to clients and the community

We will contribute to the expansion of the business of our clients and revitalization of the region.

To Cultivate Cultivate new market

To respond to our clients’ needs and desires, we will continue to cultivate and plow new market, and add color to our clients’ business.


Export and Import Support

We support our clients’ export and import business, sales and marketing development, negotiation of terms and conditions with the other parties, and settlement in one stop. We create supporting menus to meet the needs of our clients' business.